Life With Braces
If you are getting braces, you will be in for a few changes. But with a little time and practice, you will be able to adjust very quickly

What Can You Expect?
You may experience soreness or tenderness in your teeth and mouth. This is normal and usually goes away in a few days. Our dentists will provide you with dental wax which you can place on your braces to relieve any discomfort. Believe it or not, your teeth may even feel a little loose at first, but once they are in their new positions, that feeling should go away. You should be able to continue to play musical instruments and even participate in sports, but be sure to talk with us about a mouth guard to protect your dental work. You will need to devote extra time to brushing and flossing, and our team will talk with you about your home care routine.

What About Meals?
To avoid damaging your braces, there are some foods you should avoid. These foods include:

  • Sticky foods, including gum
  • Hard foods like nuts and hard candy
  • Chewy foods such as bagels
  • Crunchy snacks, including chewing on ice
  • Tough foods that require biting into — think corn on the cob or apples

If you have questions with about living with braces in Chicago, Illinois, contact Perfect Smiles. The team members at our offices in Beverly, Oak Forest, Bridgeport, Lyle or Bolingbrook will be happy to help.

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